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Visualizing The DotA 2 The International Metas

DotA, Dimensionality Reduction, The International
29 May 19 05:01 -0400

In this blog post, I will do very basic visualizations of various matches from previous The International tournaments of DotA 2. DotA 2 is a video game by Valve. In this game, two teams compete in a virtual arena over objectives until one wins. The International is a tournament held every year by Valve, and it is arguably the most important and largest tournament of the scene. We will employ dimensionality reduction techniques to make the visualizations possible.

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Sequencing What Items Invoker Will Use

DotA, Neural Network, RNN, Invoker
07 Sep 17 19:55 -0400

In this blog post, I attempt to explore the use of recurrent neural networks (RNNS) in predicting what items Invoker players will purchase in standard DotA 2 matches. DotA 2 is a game managed by Valve (and lead developed by IceFrog, hallowed be his name) with team-based, player versus player, and role-playing elements. As with most role-role playing games, there exists a diegetic component of a character build where a player must choose how the character he or she plays is developed. One of these elements of construction includes what items a player will purchase with in-game rewards in order to strengthen their character, and I attempt to predict this particular element with RNNs. The problem was limited to one of the characters of DotA 2 in higher level matches. This blog post will not focus on particularly difficult techniques; the network is actually a simple LSTM cell, and the code runs on most computers within the past 5 years.

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Using Neural Networks to Detect Bots

DotA, Neural Network
26 Jun 17 19:55 -0400

Hi, in this blog post, I hope to explore the performance of neural networks, particularly auto-encoders, in detecting anomalous DotA matches using the feature pipeline (if it can even be called such) I have published on my github. Essentially, the idea was to collect a bunch of matches from Patch 7.06c and then feed them into a neural network to detect weird matches.

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